parade float

large 'prop'

This float was constructed for the Lord Mayor's Parade in London in 2005. I was part of a team that constructed this representation of a passenger boat, and was responsible for all of the main construction.

The boat is constructed from strong plywood formers on top of an existing trailor and then 'skinned' with more plywood. Once the construction of the boat was complete, other members of the construction team finished it with paintwork, carved polystyrene waves and other detailing.

Three-quarter view of a parade float in the form of a large red boat on carved waves, mounted on a trailor
Front view of a red, yellow and blue boat with white circular 'tyre-like' fenders down each side
Side view of a red boat with yellow, green and blue wavy stripes on the hull and a large glassed-in promenade deck
Distance view looking sideways on at a parade float in the form of a red boat, mounted on a trailor